Is Perrilloux worth all the trouble?

By Darrell Laurant  |   Thursday, November 01, 2007  |  Comments( 0 )

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The latest incident involving LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux has the Bayou Bengal blogosphere buzzing.

And it raises the question, not for the first time, of whether the former prep All-American is worth the trouble of keeping on the team.

Indeed, Perrilloux's football career hung perilously close to the edge last week. A couple of days after he and some teammates were involved in a fight with bouncers at a Baton Rouge bar/dance club called the Varsity, another patron told the police that Perrilloux had pointed a gun at him and his girlfriend.

The complainant was unable to identify Perrilloux in a photo lineup, though, and eventually told police he wanted to forget the whole thing. Perhaps more significantly, none of the surveillance cameras outside the club showed anything resembling the alleged incident.

So Perrilloux was off the hook with the law, but not with coach Les Miles, who suspended him for Saturday's Alabama game.

Which returns us to the question: Is this kid worth the bad press and the aggravation?

As a football player, yes. Perrilloux had one of the most remarkable seasons in Louisiana prep history as a senior at East St. John high School, accounting for over 5,000 yards in total offense, throwing for 30 touchdowns and running for 37 more. At least one scouting service credited him with having the strongest arm in the country (unknown how that was determined), and his size (6-foot-3, 229 pounds) made him a recruiting magnet.

Perrilloux first declared his intention to attend the University of Texas, then ran a reverse and chose the home-state school. Perhaps a red flag there?

This season, as a redshirt sophomore backing up Matt Flynn, Perrilloux has completed 29 of 41 passes for 414 yards and six touchdowns. As a Tim Tebow-style running QB, he's picked up 192 yards on 40 carries, good for two touchdowns.

Worth keeping around as a player? Not much doubt there. Moreover, Flynn will be gone after this season, and Perrilloux is the quarterback of the future.

But he's always in trouble, it seems.

That's true. The most disturbing thing was Perrilloux's being cited as a "person of interest" in a counterfeiting case, but no one ever accused him of anything. In today's legal jargon, "person of interest" could be a suspect, or merely someone sought as a witness. At any rate, nothing ever came of it.

Next, the young QB tried to use his older brother's ID to get into a club, not exactly unusual for a college student.

As for the recent fight, it devolved into a "he said, they said" standoff between Tigers and bouncers, and no charges were filed.

It would seem that Perrilloux is teetering on the brink, and there's little doubt that Miles will have a serious "come to Jesus" discussion with him after the Alabama game this week.

If he remains on the team, he will have to be its leader next year. Obviously, Perrilloux has a long way to go in that department.
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