The Perfect Storm

By EricDorman  |   Friday, September 24, 2010  |  Comments( 0 )

Miami Hurricanes
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The Miami Hurricanes came into Pittsburgh to prove once again that they are a new type of team. Jacory Harris on the opening drive of Miami's possession threw some very impressive completions to fellow Miami Wide Receivers. Damien Berry scored the opening touchdown for the canes after a one yard run to make it 7-0 early in the first quarter.

Miami started out the game with some very high energy and impressive completions. However in the second quarter Miami started to struggle against the Pittsburgh Defense and started to lose their momentum. I must admit that I did not think that the Pittsburgh Defense would be that physical or that dominant in the game.

The #19 Miami Hurricanes came out with a lot to prove in Thursday night's game after loosing a tough game against the Ohio State Buckeyes. One of the ESPN Commentator's brought up a good point in which Miami seemed to have a renewed set of confidence after their tough loss in Columbus,Ohio to the buckeyes.

As for being a Miami fan myself since 2001 I knew exactly what he was talking about. Over the course of the few past seasons I have seen Miami blow games which were the result of either poor reads or immature penalties. Now after the loss to Ohio State Miami had a choice to make and that choice was either play the same type of football they had been playing or use the loss to Ohio State in their favor.

I believe we just witnessed from Miami's convincing win on Thursday night a new type of Miami football. Jacory Harris seemed to have a lot of composure in the pocket and Harris showed impressive completions to his fellow Miami Wide Receivers.

All in all the canes dominated on Thursday night,but now looking ahead to next week when they head to Clemson for a huge ACC gridiron match up. Will we see Miami dominate Clemson or will we see Miami's immaturity play out?

One things for certain Miami is in store for a tough season here on out.
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