Huskers’ pass defense must step up

By Marc Hudgens  |   Monday, July 28, 2008  |  Comments( 0 )

Nebraska Cornhuskers
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Nebraska's untested linebacking corps will be key for the Blackshirts this year, but the team's secondary might be just as important. Why? Because the Big XII is a conference featuring numerous spread offenses.

In Missouri, quarterback Chase Daniel -- a preseason Heisman Trophy candidate -- gives the Tigers a high-flying offense, and so does the Kansas Jayhawks' Todd Reesing. Then there's Texas Tech’s scary throw-and-catch combo of quarterback Graham Harrell and receiver Michael Crabtree. Nebraska will face another high-potential Big XII QB in Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford, not to mention the fact that Colorado’s Cody Hawkins should be much improved.

The big thing in the Midwest right now is the spread, and those gunslingers have proven lethal in the passing game.

To combat the aforementioned in-conference signal-callers, the Huskers' secondary returns two starters in senior cornerback Armando Murillo and junior strong safety Larry Asante. Add to that the fact that the team’s pass defense finished fourth in the Big XII last season (84th nationally), and there is a bit of work to do on the back seven.

There wasn't any singular problem with Nebraska’s defense last year; rather, it was multifaceted. So, it’s difficult figuring out which is in a worse predicament. But going solely on what Nebraska will face in conference play, the aerial 'D' may just be the squeaky wheel needing the most grease.
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