The end of an era

By Lou DiPietro  |   Friday, July 17, 2009  |  Comments( 4 )

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So long, farewell, auf wiederzein, goodbye!

Some people just don’t know how to say that *coughBrettFavrecough* with any finality.

I, unfortunately, do.

I know many of you have been wondering where my acerbic wit has been the last few weeks. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Well, here’s your answer: For now, this will be the end of Lou DiPietro at

No, I didn’t get fired. Those pictures I have of the editorial staff at last year’s Christmas party guarantee that won’t happen.

But as evolves, so must its writing staff.

And in my case, I’m moving on to new things – namely I’m now a Philadelphia Eagles feature columnist there, and will be picking up where I left off here in a couple weeks.

I hope you’ll come read my stuff, but don’t miss me too much here. As opens its doors to aspiring writers everywhere, there will be a lot of talent coming through these doors. Our editors wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ll miss being a part of the team (you never forget your first love). I’ll miss chatting with Os Davis as he prepared the good, the bad and the crazy for his “Odds on the Odd” columns. I’ll miss begging the editors to let me expense my DirecTV Sunday Ticket subscription as a business necessity. Hell, I’ll even miss reading Bialy’s daily take on the Bills and why they prefer cheddar cheese in their post-game sandwich spreads. Just playing; we love ya, AB.

Seriously though, thanks to Hugo Guzman for giving me the opportunity, thanks to the staff for being some of the best writers a guy could work with…and most importantly, thanks to you all for reading my stuff over the last year.

So until the time comes where the conquering hero returns to his homeland and makes a special guest appearance, I bid you adieu and I’ll hopefully see you at

Oh yeah, and since this is a football website, I do have a few words of wisdom for you:

Take Michael Turner with the number one pick in your fantasy drafts. Kid’s the truth.

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