Training Camp Chronicle: Where Will Vick Go?

By Sprung On Sports  |   Monday, August 03, 2009  |  Comments( 1 )

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With Michael Vick out of prison after 18 months and a possible week six reinstatement, this race is on to see where he’ll sign. He said he was close to signing with a team at the end of last week, and there are certainly a bunch of teams in need of a QB. There’s also the new Wildcat dynamic that the Dolphins helped spread throughout the league last season, and if he still has his amazing god-given speed and agility, will certainly be a big help to any kind of Wildcat formation, with the running and throwing skills he had before he went to the slammer.

One of the teams that seem like the best fit for Vick are the Vikings, who just lost Brett Favre, who remained retired instead of joining the purple and yellow and the Dolphins, who originated the Wildcat in the league but would be a good fit even though they drafted Pat White. Washington and Tampa Bay have unique QB situations, with the Redskins extremely dissatisfied with Jason Campbell and the Bucs having rookie Josh Freeman compete with Byron Leftwich for the reigns. Teams like San Francisco and Denver could also use QB’s, and teams like New England have not ruled out Vick as a possibility. But which team actually makes the most sense for Vick on the field? What’s the best fit for Vick? As always, I looked to ESPN’s The Football Scientist KC Joyner for the answer.

“Let’s see – the Wildcat teams I can think of off the top of my head are Miami (not likely to happen) and Atlanta (not in a million years).” Joyner told SprungOnSports. “SF also ran some Wildcat and Singletary would probably enjoy taking on the challenge of helping to rehab Vick, so that seems like the best fit.”

The 49ers’ experiment with Alex Smith at the helm seems to have expired, and Shaun Hill was good last year, but doesn’t really garner too much excitement from people by the Bay. With Vick handing the ball of to Frank Gore and passing it to guys like Isaac Bruce, Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis, that could provide for an excellent and exciting offensive attack for Mike Singletary in his first full season as coach. But will Vick’s signing interfere with Singletary’s hard-nosed, rushing balanced, disciplined attack? Maybe, but Singletary will damn well make sure Vick stays in line, and he can add an explosive component to their offense that San Francisco has lacked for quite some time. We’ll see where this Vick saga ends, but the 49ers as a landing spot seems like a good fit for Vick and the league.
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