Which Top 5 quarterback picks have a great rookie season?

By night1  |   Friday, September 11, 2009  |  Comments( 3 )

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Matthew Stafford was drafted by the Lions, while the Jets made their move to go #5 to get Mark Sanchez. I think both quarterbacks can improved their respective teams this year, but the question is who will be the better man?

Let's break it down from the college programs to the teams that got them, since both men will be the starting quarterback in week 1 of the NFL season.. Matthew Stafford came from Georgia, which has a great coach in Mark Richt. He may not have lead the Bulldogs to the SEC Championship title, but in his junior year, he did lead them to a blowout victory over Hawaii in the 2007 or 2007 Sugar Bowl. Mark Sanchez comes from Southern Cal under Pete Carroll. He may have only started in his junior year, but he did lead them to the Pac 10 titie, and a Rose Bowl victory. Both teams has great programs, but I would give the edge to Mark Sanchez.

Matthew Stafford was drafted by the Lions over Mark Sanchez because Stafford has a better arm strength than Sanchez, which has been proved in the 4 preseason games that the Lions have played. The Lions have got alot of work ahead, and Stafford has some work to do as well. Mark Sanchez was drafted by the Jets and beat out Kelly Clemmons for the starting quarterback after the second preseason game. He got a talented receving corp he can throw to. I give the advantage to Sanchez here.

Predictions for the Lions and the Jets with their rookie quarterback; Well for the Lions with Stafford under center I can tell you they won't go 0-16 again, but they will improve to at the min 4-12 and the max 7-9. For the Jets which they came so close of going to the playoffs by eithere wild card, or divisional win until Brett Favre's arm fell apart. Mark Sanchez under center can lead to the Jets at the min 10-6 to the max 11-5 playoff bound.

Which quarterbacks will have a helluva season for those respective teams? We'll see in 4 months.
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