NFC North midseason report cards

By pantherwoods  |   Friday, November 06, 2009  |  Comments( 0 )

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The NFC North, the Black & Blue division, is showing a little bit of west coast swagger these days. With the return of Brett Favre, the addition of Jay Cutler (give him some time), and the real emergence of Aaron Rodgers the offenses are opening up the field and the scoreboards. Here are the mid-season evaluations of the NFC North.

What more can you say about the Minnesota Vikings? Brett Favre is playing the most effective football of his too long career. AP is hands down the best player in the league. Percy Harvin has smoked the competition, no pun intended. Their front four on defense is one of the most ferocious in all the land. As long as the O line can stay healthy to protect Ole’ Man River and their secondary can stay sharp, look to see Minnesota in the NFC Championship game with the Saints. Overall grade: A-

Moving on to the Frozen Tundra, where the Packers are definitely feeling green, there are some problems, starting with Brett Favre. The Pack will never win the division as long as he is at the helm of the Vikings offense. Aaron Rodgers is legit, he has deep threats, and a solid running back behind him. What the Packers offense doesn’t have is protection. Rodgers has been sacked enough times to last him until at least next November. There is still enough upside to not give up completely. Overall grade: C+

In Chicago, the Bears are banged up. Jay Cutler, minus his two terrible starts, has brought a spark to this offense. The loss of LB Brian Urlacher was looked at by many as a season ruining loss, but Lance Briggs and company have been playing ball. The Bears are not yet a playoff team, however. Cutler needs a number one receiver and Hester is not yet there. Earl Bennett, Cutler’s teammate at Vanderbilt possesses the talent and the connection of playing with him in college. That connection is already showing on the field, but to an extent. Overall grade: C

The Detroit Lions have already improved on where they were a year ago as a franchise. They won a game. Other than a 1 in the win column instead of a 0, not much has change. With top draft pick Stafford beat up, Culpepper is still waddling around in the backfield. Detroit is still at the bottom of the pile. Overall grade: F
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