No need to play the second units for the undefeated

By night1  |   Thursday, December 17, 2009  |  Comments( 0 )

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2 years ago, the Patroits went undefeated into the Super Bowl against the Giants. The Giants beat the Patroits in what some would say is the best Super Bowl in recent history; that's the closest anyone has come of being the second NFL in history to go undefeated. Now the Colts and the Saints are heading in that direction, and the only problem is the Colts wants to rest the first unit for the playoffs.
Tonight's game between Indianpolis and Jacksonville has only two reasons to watch this game: Either the Colts are going 14-0, or the Jaguars will upset the Colts. Now Indianapolis have come the closest to defeat the Colts, had it not been for that boneheaded call by Coach Billechek to go for it on 4th and 2 at their own 28 yard line. No need to tell you the story because we already know what happened. Now Coach Caldwell wants to play the second unit for the remainder of the season resting up the starters for the playoffs since they got the #1 seed, and home field advantage locked in. I say that's a big mistake because If the second unit fails to win, Coach Caldwell will look like the biggest jackass in the NFL, and I would defintely call for him to be fired. Besides If I wanna watch the second unit play football, I watch the preseason game in August.
On the other side spectrum you got the New Orleans Saints in their best start in the francise history. Now they came close many, many times of being defeated, but thankful, they're still standing undefeated in the NFL. Now unlike the Colts, the Saints can't afford to play their second units and they shouldn't, only because the VIkings still have a chance to win out home field advantage. So what you have in New Orleans against the Cowboys this saturday are this: A battle to stay undefeated, stay ahead in the home field advantage race against the Vikings, and the Cowboys could actually win a game in December.
Now for both teams, If you're up by 4 or 5 touchdowns, or somewhere in between in the late third, or early fourth quarter, then you should rest your starters. If these two had a big lead at half like the Patroits did against the Titans earlier this year, why not rest your starters in the second half?
As a pure football fan I wanna see Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees lead these teams to the Super Bowl undefeated so that way the 72 Dolphins would have to chose which one will win, and welcome the Super Bowl Champion into the only club that's been exclusive to the Dolphins for nearly 40 years. So Coach Caldwell my personal message to you is this; let's see history being made, If you lose to the Jaguars, or the other two teams in the next three weeks, let's hope it's with your first unit, and not the second. I rather you go down in a blaze of glory like you nearly did against the Patroits than have your second unit lose to the Jaguars who still has a chance at the playoffs.
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