Recent trouble with Rex Ryan

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Last night I heard on the radio that Rex Ryan was at a Strike Force event in Miami on Saturday night, he heckled the Dolphin Fans, gave them the bird, and basically showed his ass. What surprised me was that Rex Ryan was hit with a $50,000 fine not by the NFL, but by the Jets's Organization. Later on, Peter Brown argued that Rex Ryan wasn't representing the Jets, and that what he does on his free time is his business, and no one else.
That bothers me because when I was once in the sports media business for the Daily Journal, we hold the players to a high standards, as well as coaches whether it's on, or off the field with their conduct. In this business, we hear players from all sports league acting like jackasses, and the medis question them. Well If the coaches from those respect leagues do jackasses things, then don't we have a right to question them? I think what the Jets's organization did was great because even though the NFL season is over for the Jets's, Rex Ryan still represent the Jets, and he should be held accountable for his actions. I personally would have fired him, but since he did turned the Jets around and took them to the AFC Title game since 1998, the $50,000 fine was consider a warning.
Do y'all remember Donte Stallworth? He hit and kill a guy walking on the streets of Florida that early morning. If he had stopped and tried to help the guy, then either the guy would've been alive today, or at worst he could have been fined for some sort of traffic violation. What happened instead outrage not only the citizens of Florida, but the NFL fans as well. When Donte got out of jail 24 days into his 30 day jail sentence, Roger Goddell stepped in and said, "That's not good enough!" resulting in a one year suspension from the NFL, and got cut from the Cleveland Browns.
Now maybe the NFL may fine Rex Ryan, unless they're satisfy with the Jets's punishment, but either way If we the fans hold the players to great standards of representing off the field, shouldn't the coaches be held to that stanard as well? I think so, especially it's fair game once you sign the NFL, or any other contract from any other sports league.
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