Free Super Bowl Point Spread and Over/Under Pick

By Todd L. Frank  |   Friday, February 05, 2010  |  Comments( 0 )

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It's time for the free Super Bowl pick against the point spread. Check my last column for Super Bowl prop bets.

The Super Bowl is easily my favorite holiday. As much as i complain about "the hype" I do love the hype of the football aspect and the actual game. Huge snowstorm might put a damper on the turnout for our 10th annual party, but hopefully a few will make it.

We usually do city-related food themes. We ordered real Chicago pizza shipped from chi-town when the Bears were in it. Tried to make real homemade Primanti's sandwiches for the Steelers.... etc. this week we're doing jambalaya for New Orleans, and my boy who used to live there is bringing up some catfish to fry and serve as Po'Boy sandwiches. But enough about me...

It's time for the last free NFL picks and best bets of the season:

Saints +5.5 vs. Colts
Going against the grain here. Betting against Peyton Manning is foolish. Betting with emotion is equally so. But the last several years have produced some memorable Super Bowls and plenty of tight contests. Call me crazy, but I'll take the points. The Colts might still win, but the Saints can score, they can come back if they get down. I don't think anyone would be shocked if Indianapolis won a great back and forth game by only 3 or 4 points. They'll be slingin' it around and even if Manning and the Colts dominate, it could be 31-20 late and New Orleans scores the meaningless TD toward the end to cover the spread. Or maybe, maybe the magic and emotion of the city of New Orleans can carry this team to a victory. Stranger things have happened. No one thought the Giants would beat the Patriots. So I'm banking on N'awlins to work some Voodoo shit this Sunday and bring home the trophy.

Saints/Colts OVER 56.5
This is a very high total, the highest in Super Bowl history. And while this game is unlikely to be the 51-45 game we saw Arizona and Green Bay play in the playoffs, it doesn't need to be. Even a “normal” type game like 34-24 or 30-28 or 31-27 pushes this over. I think that really high number is begging people to bet the under, and those people will find out why Vegas always wins.

Exact Score Prediction for Super Bowl XLIV
Going out on a limb and calling for the Saints to win 31-27.

Regular Season: 65-48-2
Playoffs: 4-6
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