Redskins to Tweak Uni’s; Grimm Makes the Hall

By Todd L. Frank  |   Monday, February 22, 2010  |  Comments( 1 )

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There has been some speculation that the Washington Redskins would be changing their uniforms this off season.

It was widely reported that new VP of Football Operations Bruce Allen said, “"I'm a traditionalist. I'm very proud of the Redskins uniform, and I'm very proud of our helmet. I'm talking to Coach Shanahan about some ideas that we have of utilizing our colors that we're very proud of. But other than that, we're gonna stick to our historic base. I loved when the Redskins had those throwback games over the last few years, whether it's the arrow or the feather or the R. Y'know, just watching it on tape from afar, you're like, Oh, gosh, I remember." Of course he has fond memories, as he is the son of legendary Redskins Coach George Allen.

While there is still no official word, I’ve heard whispers from some people close to the organization that some changes may indeed be on the way.

I was (and still am) hoping that they would go back to their darker uniforms with the “spear-feather” helmet that they sported as throwbacks a few years ago. Supposedly, that might not be the case. Which is a shame, because these home uni's and these road uni's would be sweet.

I don’t know if their current helmet will remain intact, but it most likely will, as there’s little-to-no chance of them returning to their gold “R” helmets they used way back in the day and sounds like the "spear-feather" uniform isn't happening, at least not this year.

The most likely change will be the return of the old gold pants, as well as darker burgundy jerseys. Seems over the last several years the “burgundy and gold” had leaned a bit closer to “red and yellow.” There were recent rumors regarding black uniforms, but not it appears unlikely that black will be incorporated in any major way.

Of course the team has to get through some red tape with the league: apparently uniform changes have to be approved one year in advance, due to licensing and merchandising issues. So there’s a chance no changes can be made until 2011, but since fans don’t generally buy and wear football pants, changing the color of the pants shouldn’t be much of an issue. So look for burgundy jerseys with gold pants at home, and white jerseys and burgundy pants on the road.

Finally, this source indicated that things are changing in ways one might never imagine, and for the better. Apparently new Head Coach and Executive VP Mike Shanahan is paying major attention to the smallest details to create a winner mentality and lay a solid foundation.


You might remember a few weeks ago that I wrote a column advocating former Redskins offensive linemen Russ Grimm for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Well I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was in fact voted in! The official Redskins blog has an interesting article and interview with longtime Redskins beat writer David Elfin regarding how Grimm got in.
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