Falcons Strike Gold & Bears Claw Back

By EricDorman  |   Wednesday, September 29, 2010  |  Comments( 0 )

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Well, this past NFL weekend we saw quite some wonderful games and some great upsets from underdogs. The Falcons were one team that looked like they were soring high with Matt Ryan not giving up driving his team down the field to score touchdowns against the raining Super Bowl Champions,the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints offense looked quite impressive at times and worse at other times later in the game. Drew Brees did what he had to do to get his team down the field to set up Garret Hartley's winning field goal attempt. What looked like the game winning field goal however wasn't so. Garrett Hartley took to the field to kick the winning field goal in overtime and what looked like a chip shot wasn't so after Hartley kicked the ball. The ball went wide and the whole Super Dome just went completely silent. Shocked,surprised,and in total aw were Saints Fans after seeing a heart breaker winning field goal miss wide.

The only cheers were coming from the Atlanta Falcon's sideline who were in complete shock of what they just witnessed. A pumped up Matt Ryan made a fist on the sideline to his teammates after witnessing the missed field goal by Hartley. Matt Ryan and the falcons took to the field with a new set of confidence. Ryan connected to Roddy White with a 22 yard pass which set up Matt Bryant's game winning field goal in overtime.

What a game it was and an even bigger upset took place Sunday in the Super Dome after the falcons stunned the Super Bowl Champions.

The Chicago Bears were not the same team we had witnessed in passed seasons, with many embarrassing loses and close calls. The Chicago Bears entered Monday night with something to prove and that was, become the only undefeated team left in the NFC North and become 3-0. Well, that's just what the bears did on Monday night after the Bears defense recovered a fumble after Brian Urlacher knocked the ball lose from Green Bay's Jones hands that left 2:18 on the game clock.

Chicago's Quarterback Jay Cutler drove the bears offense down the field, much thanks to Green Bay who made several penalties which might have made it possible for Robbie Gould in the end to kick the game winning field goal for Chicago.

Green Bay did in the end I feel lose it for themselves,but Chicago had their own mistakes as well. Nonetheless the Chicago Bears are now the only unbeaten team in the NFC North and if the bears can beat the Green Bay Packers then it makes you wonder if the Chicago Bears can roll with the top dogs in the NFL.

That is one thing I am looking forward to finding out in the coming weeks ahead.
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