The Bills and the Bye

By Kegman  |   Thursday, October 25, 2012  |  Comments( 277 )

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The Bills are enjoying a bye week. It's just as well, because if they get embarassed by the Texans and the Patriots after the bye, both road games, they can say "bye" to the playoffs again. This team had such promise (on paper) before the season started. To watch them set new team and NFL records for ineptitude, especially on defense, is painful to watch. This defense could go down as the worst run defense in Bills history, and the most expensive! We should have seen this coming. Sub-par coaching, over-paid hyped-up "stars" like Mario Williams, a QB with severe throwing limitations not to mention questionable decision-making ability, questionable play-calling at the wrong times, no linebackers to speak of, inexperience at key positions. It all adds up to another mediocre season and missed playoffs. What blinded me to think they might make the playoffs? Did somebody sneak OBD kool-aid into my refrigerator (not the one in Mario's locker..) in August?? Why did I really think this team had the will, the talent, and especially the guts and determination to fight for a playoff spot before the season started? Instead we witness blow-outs, and lately, players calling each-other out for not putting in the effort. The coaches continue to profess complete ignorance of why the team is under-achieving. But when you add up all the parts of this team, you have the answer. You have a handful of players who play hard every game. You have a handful of players who slack off. You have coaches who can't game plan or adjust and fix the problems. So they win or lose close games against the other mediocrities, and get demolished by elite teams. There is no way they will make the playoffs now or in years to come until they get a competent coach that can motivate and coach as a proven winner at the NFL level IMO. Mularky, Williams, Jauron, now Gailey. They will get you 4-8 wins a season, but none of them could or will get the Bills back to post-season play. Twelve plus years of playoff drought and counting. On the bright side, Jackson and Spiller and Johnson and a healthy O-line are wonderful to watch, including the "good" Fitz. The offense is in good shape. Then there is the "bad" Fitz.. His inconsistency will doom the offense. He is not elite and never will be. The long-ball eludes him. The defense is a train-wreck. Wannstedt has no business being a D-Coordinator in the NFL. He's in over his head and the results prove it. I hope the Bills are able to solve some issues over the bye week so at the very least they don't get blown out the next two games and can play somewhat respectable football.
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