Which 49ers wideout will emerge in 2009?

By Brad Wilbricht  |   Wednesday, May 27, 2009  |  Comments( 4 )

San Francisco 49ers
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While all eyes in San Francisco this summer will be on rookie wide receiver Michael Crabtree, the first-round pick will almost certainly need time to adjust to his new surroundings in the NFL. The 49ers, who have a logjam of receivers on the verge of breaking out, are hopeful at least one will emerge during the upcoming season.

With a relatively young receiving corps, the 49ers have the luxury of veteran Isaac Bruce leading the way on the perimeter. While Mike Singletary and company are hopeful one of San Francisco’s younger wideouts will take over as the teams top receiving target, Bruce’s experience and wisdom can’t be overstated.

Crabtree unexpectedly slid to the 10th pick in the draft, giving the 49ers what they hope to be the top-flight receiver they’ve been craving. However, Crabtree can’t be relied on just yet and will more than likely experience growing pains as a rookie. That leaves a handful of other wideouts jockeying for position as the go-to receiver in San Francisco.

Josh Morgan, Jason Hill and Arnaz Battle all had nearly identical seasons a year ago. Morgan compiled 319 yards receiving while Battle and Hill followed closely behind. The 49ers’ coaching staff was expecting one of the aforementioned players to rise to the top of the depth chart, but that hasn’t materialize thanks to several contributing factors.

In addition to the returning receivers, Brandon Jones was acquired during free agency from the Tennessee Titans. He also has yet to make his mark at the professional level, but he was part of a lackluster passing game in Tennessee. Jones will likely begin the season as the starter opposite of Bruce, but that could change as the year goes on.

As the young overtake the old in the Bay Area, the future looks promising for San Francisco’s passing game. Assuming either Alex Smith or Shaun Hill can successfully take the reins under center, there is a wealth of young talent at receiver.
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