Lloyd Receives Tender, Nedney Close to Deal

By Bryan Hersh  |   Monday, February 27, 2006  |  Comments( 0 )

San Francisco 49ers
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Brandon Lloyd, the San Francisco 49ers' highlight-reel receiver, will receive a first-round tender from the club prior to the start of free agency. The tender will allow the 49ers to match any offer another team makes to the receiver, who will receive approximately $1.6 million for one year as a result of the tender. Should the 49ers opt not to match an offer Lloyd receives, the team would receive a first-round pick as compensation.

Lloyd, who was a fourth-round selection in 2003, was given the first-round tender because the team obviously believes that Lloyd could have a real future with the club. However, it is believed that the team wants to see if Lloyd can elevate his play with a little more consistency. That could make the difference between him signing a long term contract or not with the team. It is also believed that not many teams would give up first-round compensation for Lloyd.

In other news, the 49ers are also close to re-signing kicker Joe Nedney, who stabilized the placekicking position for the first time in years. Reports are that the two sides agreed to a contract that will pay Nedney $1.4 million per annum but reports of the contract length have not yet been disclosed. The contract will likely be signed on the first official day of free agency.

On the other hand, head coach Mike Nolan has indicated that the team will not pursue Pro Bowl fullback Fred Beasley as a free agent. The team will instead try and re-sign free agent Chris Hetherington. Beasley and Nolan did not see eye to eye last season, but Beasley did state earlier that he wanted to remain with the club.

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