Dual-QB system could be temporary salve for Oregon

By Marc Hudgens  |   Tuesday, July 29, 2008  |  Comments( 3 )

Oregon Ducks
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If Oregon’s quarterback situation is as grim as many have stated, perhaps one solution is to use a pair of signal-callers.

Offensive coordinator Chip Kelly has clearly stated that rising junior Nate Costa is the front-runner to become the starter; however, the fact is that Costa has no gameday experience. Furthermore, his running mate, rising sophomore Justin Roper, has only appeared in three games. One could make an argument for Roper, but it wouldn’t be a terribly convincing one. So, why not temporarily go with the two-gunslinger route?

It appears the Ducks are in almost the same situation as Miami, which will be utilizing an unconventional two-QB system this year. But Oregon would be able to use one more effectively than Miami -- at least on paper -- because the Hurricanes’ two candidates (Robert Marve, Jacory Harris) are both pro-style passers, while Costa is a dual-threat guy and Roper is a pro-styler.

Of course, the role model for dual-QB systems Florida's from 2006, the year it won the national title with runner Tim Tebow and passer Chris Leak. What's more, Virginia Tech took the ACC title last season while going with two differing signal-callers (the pro-style guy in Sean Glennon and the multidimensional Tyrod Taylor). So, the system isn't exactly one that's impossible to succeed with.

Perhaps the thought of this risky system is considered sacrilege in the pass-happy Pac-10. However, because of the rushing successes of USC and ex-Duck quarterback Dennis Dixon, this West Coast league is quickly becoming more balanced between the run and pass -- which means employing two QBs might be the direction for Oregon to take.

The Ducks' first two games this season, versus Washington and Utah State, are at home against opponents with less-than-esteemed defense. That pair of contests would be a prime opportunity to test the waters by using both Costa and Ropes. If it works, a third tryout at Purdue the next week might be wise.

For a team facing uncertainty under center, deciding to walk an unconventional path may be worth a shot.
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