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By Nik Sobic  |   Thursday, September 18, 2008  |  Comments( 5 )

Green Bay Packers
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The 2-0 Packers face the 2-0 Cowboys for early season bragging rights this Sunday.

Commentary: It’s hard to find any sports talk show that doesn’t mention allegedly Super Bowl-bound Dallas, which has been led by superb play from quarterback Tony Romo and wide receiver Terrell Owens this year. A Packers win this Sunday will likely change the Cowboy hype, though, as Green Bay has been quietly putting opponents away and has a chance to garner some well-deserved media praise as a major contender.

While the Brett Favre drama had claimed national headlines all preseason long, there has been a significant drop in national attention after Green Bay’s early prowess in Weeks 1 and 2. While Aaron Rodgers was the target of incessant negative comments from media before the start of the regular season, apparently no one cares to write about what a great job he’s doing now that it matters.

Should Rodgers perform well and again lead the Pack to a win, the team might earn the honor of being the NFC's early season No. 1 contender for a Super Bowl berth.

Fan Pulse: Though the Packers' games against the NFC North rival Vikings and Bears have more historical significance, Green Bay's most hated foe of late has been Dallas. There isn’t a team on this year’s schedule that Packer fans want to beat more than the Cowboys. Favre couldn’t do it last year, and there is no quicker way to win the hearts of the Packer faithful than for Rodgers to go out and light up America’s Team.

Fantasy Football Impact: On Monday, the Philadelphia Eagles' offense tore up the Cowboys' secondary. Look for a similar result this week. If you have other options, don’t play either the Green Bay or Dallas 'D'.
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