Finally…..Someone Comes Forward and Considers Vick

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Green Bay Packers
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Someone in the National Football League has actually come forward about the possibility of acquiring former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

Well, kinda sort of…..

It was reported earlier today that Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson would not rule out the possibility of acquiring Vick. At the same time, the Pack has not officially stated that they will sign him.

Of course Thompson did not want to show his hand in this process. When he was asked about this topic, he basically stated that he wants to explore every possibility of improving his team.

After all, Vick is no stranger to success at Lambeau Field where he scored one of his biggest victories of his career with a 27-7 upset playoff victory over the Packers in a wild card game on January 4, 2003.

That being said, is a huge step forward in any NFL team possibly expressing interest in bringing in the embattled quarterback. After all, nearly two dozen teams have publicly stated that they are not interested in having the 29-year old signal caller on their team.

Vick was officially reinstated to play in the NFL by commissioner Roger Goddell last week after he completed his 23-month prison sentence for dog fighting. His reinstatement allows him to participate in training camp along with being able to finally hit the field by week six of the regular season.

If Green Bay should ACTUALLY decide to sign Vick, what would become of backups, Matt Flynn and Brian Brohm? Better yet, what kind of pressure would it put on current starter Aaron Rodgers?

An even bigger question looms, who else other than the Pack will step up and show some interest in Michael Vick? Any takers?
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