In 2010, it’s Davis 1, Raider Nation 0

By MikeBullock  |   Wednesday, January 13, 2010  |  Comments( 5 )

Oakland Raiders
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In a coaching report aired on the NFL Channel on Tuesday, after the alleged meeting between Al Davis and current Raider head coach Tom Cable failed to materialize for the second straight day, NFL Channel reporters claim that the two sides are at a standoff as to what to do with Raider quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

It seems, Al Davis wants the unmotivated signal caller to remain the starting QB and Cable would just as soon part ways with the underachiever before he takes anything else away from the team heading into what could potentially be the eight straight abysmal season for Oakland.

Based on the negative discord erupting from the stands every time Russell takes the field, it’s safe to say Raider Nation sides with the coach, not the owner. Unfortunately, as long as Davis is drawing breath, he’ll control the destiny of the Raiders and exert his will when it comes to personnel decisions. Apparently, Davis still thinks the big arm trumps the mind as the key tool a field general must have to win in this league.

Bruce Gradkowski, the only real bright spot at the most important position on the team in 2009, won’t be re-signed unless he wants to return to his time on the bench. In a league where quarterbacks fall like rain, Gradkowski’s agent will certainly be able to parlay his success in Oakland behind that porous offensive line (accompanied by some really bad play at the wide receiver position) into a solid contract with another team, possibly as the starter. If not, you can certainly bet that Gradkowski will land solidly as a number two on a team with a shaky or injury prone starter.

When it comes to the disagreement with Cable and Davis, you can expect one of two things to happen. One, Davis fires Cable and lays the blame for the team’s seventh straight debacle at the coach’s feet. Chances are, somehow Cable will be linked to Kiffin by Davis, and with Kiff just landing the USC gig, you might see Cable bathing in the southern California sunlight while teaching red shirt freshmen how to block.

The other possibility would have Cable acquiescing to Davis, sucking it up for another losing season and then realizing his opportunities might best be served elsewhere as he rides off into the sunset after the 2010 season with the blame for eight losing years on his back.

Aside from that, you can also bet on the fact that Davis won’t do anything until it’s too late for an incoming coach to assemble a decent staff. Why Davis always waits until there are no seats left in the game of coaching musical chairs boggles the mind.

No matter how it plays out, the real losers in all this, besides the team, will be the Raider fans. Any armchair quarterback can tell Russell just doesn’t have it in him to rise to greatness in the NFL. Any real man can see it in his eyes during close-ups on television and those with actual coaching experience can see it a mile away. Cable, the guy right on top of the situation, referred to as a “great motivator of men” by several Raider players recently, doesn’t want anything to do with him. If Cable wants nothing to do with Russell, what hope does any other incoming coach have of turning it around?

At least in years past the off season offered Raider fans hope, the way this one is heading right now, Davis looks determined to take even that away from his loyal followers.
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04:36 PM
I don't think Al Davis has decided the fate of his headcoach or QB. Davis dosen't want to give up on the $40 million investment...
Big Tex
12:47 AM
I agree that Davis doesn't want to give up on the investment in Russell but what has he got for his money so far? At what point...
03:38 AM
Have you seen the Lane Kiffin " Fired " in Tennessee video on You Tube? That is how I feel about the owner and management for...
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