Rams are Moving in the Right Direction

By ItsNotRocketSci  |   Wednesday, September 02, 2009  |  Comments( 0 )

St. Louis Rams
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In recent history, the Bengals like the Rams have both stunk and they have other similarities: star Pro Bowl quarterbacks (Bulger and Palmer) who have either under performed or have been injured, great running backs (Jackson and Benson), and a desperate need to recreate themselves and get their franchises respectable again.

The Rams won last week’s smack down so I have nothing but love for them. However, and none of us want to say it… the real reason they won was due to Bengal turnovers. Three of the 4 fumbles Bengal fumbles were recovered by the Rams.

With an exception of the defensive line, who were great, the Rams overall looked pretty good. The defense recorded 6 sacks on Bengal QBs and while they played they kept a lot of pressure on the QB. The O-Line gave up zero sacks and the receivers looked pretty good (but receiving yards for the night was only around 140). Walker had the most receiving yards with 24. Kyle Boller had a pretty good night. Passing for 14/20, 96 yards, and 1 TD pass.

The Bengals threw for just under 200 yards. Every Bengal receiver on the field had a reception for at least 10 yards (Ochocinco’s longest catch was 9 yards) which is not good. Good news is that there was only one receiving TD against the Rams.

I think the Rams are moving in the right direction. I still have some reservations regarding the Rams. Their QB situation is not completely solid. Where was Marc Bulger the other night? I want to see him and his fractured finger jumping up and down on the sideline cheering his team on. And finally, until I see a healthy Stephen Jackson breaking for some serious yards, I am not going to sleep completely sound.
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