MNF Pick: Ravens at Texans

By Todd L. Frank  |   Monday, December 13, 2010  |  Comments( 0 )

Baltimore Ravens
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The stunning video of the Metrodome roof collapse was the NFL highlight of the day yesterday. Well that and Troy Palomalu's incredible TD dive. So the Giants-Vikings game will be played tonight in Detroit and could serve as Favre's last game, or his first game. Or something. Hard to handicap that game with so much uncertainty and the relocation/rescheduling. So we'll just serve up a best bet NFL pick for the main Monday Night Football attraction.

Baltimore Ravens -3 at HOUSTON TEXANS

The Texans have a terrible pass defense and the national spotlight will be the perfect time for Baltimore to remind everyone that they’re still contenders despite their loss to Pittsburgh last week. These are the kind of games the Ravens win and win big. Once Houston gives up a couple of big scores, the Baltimore defense will start looking like themselves again and making things very difficult for QB Matt Schaub. There’s always some risk laying points on the road on a Monday Night, but this Baltimore team has shown plenty to prove they are capable of covering this relatively small number, and we’ve seen enough of the Texans to know they likely wont be much of a match for the Ravens. Bet Baltimore and give the points.
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