Redskins Dilemma; What’s in a name?

By night1  |   Monday, September 21, 2009  |  Comments( 4 )

Washington Redskins
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I wanna give examples of compromise, and name change from my home state that is related to my article; but before I do, let me say on the personal note about my heritage. I'm half Irish, quarter Dutch, and quarter Cherokee. My great grandmother was a full bloodied Cherokee indian, and married my grandfather in the early 1900's.

At the Oakway Middle School, their mascot were called the Rebels. Since most people find the Rebels offensive because it meant slavery and the civil war, Oakway Middle change their mascot to the Chiefs; same is true with Dixie high changing their mascot from the Rebels, to the Hornets. There's your example of name change.

Meanwhile at Byrnes High School, their mascot was also the rebels, dress in a confederate outfit. Byrnes High kept the name of the Rebels, but changes the logo to where the word "Rebels" would have a sword through the name, and no mascot dress in a confederate outfit was seen on the field. There's your example of a compromise.

Now myself I would hate to see Washington lose their logo and name since it's been around the NFL since the 1930's. Even though I'm quarter Cherokee, I don't find the name "Redskins" offensive. I don't find the word "Redneck" offensive either being born in the south, but that's for another time. I think is awesome for a team to be named "The Warrior" because in every sporting event, our college, high school, and pro warriors played in their respective arenas in front of paying crowd every weekend.

Let's say that the judges rule in favor of the Native Americans to change the Washington's logo, it's already been done in the NCAA with the exception of Florida St. and Newberry Indians in Division 2. What would be a replacement name for the Redskins? Well I have a list that might be suited for Washington: Red Demons, Red Devils, Red Storm(St. John's), Red Birds(Miami Oh), Capitals(NHL), Wizards(NBA) Senators, Nationals(MLB), and the Federals(Remember the USFL).

Now If I was a mediator between the two sides and I was to make a decision, here's how I would rule; I will do a compromise to where Washington can keep the Redskins, in exchange they remove the Indian's head off the helmet, and replace it w a spear in a maroon helmet like they did in the 2003 NFL season under Coach Steve Spurrier. I think this will make both parties happy, and we can continue to watch football without debating What's in a name.
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