Saints get two temporary homes

By John Onan  |   Tuesday, September 13, 2005  |  Comments( 0 )

New Orleans Saints
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Even though it wasn't what they were expecting, the New Orleans Saints get to return to their home state to play four games this season. Their plans for the 2005 season were thrown into disarray, as were the lives of many in the Gulf Coast, after Hurricane Katrina.

The team announced yesterday they will return to their home state of Louisiana and play four of their home games in Baton Rouge at Tiger Stadium. But the Saints first two homes games will be in San Antonio, across the street from their current headquarters, at the Alamo Dome. The first game there will be on either October 2nd or 3rd against the Buffalo Bills. The second game will be two weeks later against the Atlanta Falcons. The date of that game is also in question, being played either October 16th or 17th.

The New Orleans Saints upcoming game against the New York Giants was originally scheduled as a home game, but was moved to Giants Stadium this Monday night due to the damage left by Katrina. This past Sunday, the team was able to choke back the emotions of the tragic hurricane that left many in New Orleans dead or homeless and defeat the Carolina Panthers 23-20.

After the two games in San Antonio, the team will play the next four home games in Baton Rouge, home of Louisiana State University. For their home finale, they will return to San Antonio to face the Detroit Lions.
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