Fan Pulse: Seahawks fans react to injuries to Tatupu, Frye

By Neal Coolong  |   Tuesday, August 26, 2008  |  Comments( 5 )

Seattle Seahawks
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Frank Hughes of the News-Tribune reports that Seahawks linebacker Lofa Tatupu "looked very stiff" when he left the locker room on crutches as San Diego took an 18-17 exhibition victory Monday night.

Per Hughes, Tatupu, who did not speak to reporters after the game, told an assistant coach he didn't think he'd be able to drive when the team's flight arrived back in Seattle.

On the Seattle Post-Intellengencer's forum, fans discussed the game, in which, unfortunately, Tatupu's injury overshadowed a few good individual performances. One astute poster saw trouble immediately, and still took the opportunity to rip on the media outlet covering the game, which seemed to be a common theme throughout the preseason contest.

"Maybe I'm just paranoid (probably the case) but after Lofa and Babineaux collided on a tackle I didn't see him again. Hill and Peterson were still in there for a few more series. I would never count on the "journalists" at ESPN to do any investigative work on the sideline to see if he was hurt or not. Anybody else notice?"

With Seahawks starting quarterback Matt Hasselbeck inactive thanks to a sore back, Charlie Frye injured his knee in a decent performance -- although his ailment didn't look as serious as Tatupu's.

"Not freaking out yet ... but NOT GOOD. Good prayers, vibes, thoughts (whatever you believe) for Lofa (and Frye) right now guys and gals."

Over on the Chargers Official Fan Forum, Bolts loyalists are getting excited over what they're dubbing "The Year of Redemption," as fans posted 941 comments on their game-day thread.

Granted, the Chargers have plenty of news to discuss, with outside linebacker Shawne Merriman's injury, and subsequent contract extension given to his backup Jyles Tucker. Tucker was injured in Monday's game, but the San Diego Union-Tribune reports it's just a bruise.

While they generally complained less about the media coverage than the Seahawks' fans did, there was a lot of discussion on how running back Darren Sproles has been doing well in now-Falcons RB Michael Turner's absence.

"Sproles is quicker and more elusive than Turner. (Rookie RB Jacob) Hester is a harder hitter. Both can hold onto the ball better. In only one game in preseason has Turner gotten more yards per carry. He has no TDs, while Hester now has 3."
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