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It's time for the Big Ben Sweepstakes; and the contending teams that the Steelers want eligible for are the top 10 teams in this year's draft. Since the 6 game suspension handed down yesterday by Roger Goddell and the trade that Pittburgh made to get Byron Leftwich, the message on the steeler's wall is saying "Time for you to go Ben." Now me personally If I wanna insult Big Ben big time, I would have traded him for a 7th rounder as a slap in the face, however the Rooney family want a big investment in return, so that's why tonight will be The Big Ben Sweepstakes.
Since the news I've thought about the possible teams that could use him, and their depth chart. So let's start with the top 10.
1. St. Louis: Big Ben would do wonders in St. Louis, only problem is they don't have a talented backup that could play for at least 4 games If Big Ben behaves himself, plus it'll be a big gamble where at worst the Rams will be 0-4, or 0-6 when Ben does slide in. St. Louis can't afford the luxury, so they're out.
2. Detroit: They got rid of Daunte Culpepper, and Matthew Stafford is their man. Even though winning two games is better than beening winless again, they need a QB that would spark fire. Matthew could be that QB for 4 to 6 games until Ben gets off from suspension, and would be a great mentor for Matthew in the QB department, not in the bars, or how to pick up women. So Detroit is in.
3. Tampa Bay: Same as Detroit, need a veteran QB to groom Josh Freeman, so the Buccaneers are in.
4. Washington: With the acuistion of Donovan McNabb, they don't need Big Ben, so the Redskins are out.
5. Kansas City: They definetly need a QB that can help out the city, as well as Matt Cassell. Matt can hold off until Ben's suspension is over, so the Chiefs are in.
6. Seattle: With Matt Hasselback at the twilight of his career, and the recent trade by the Chargers to get Charile Whitehurst, Ben maybe riding the bench for a year or two. This might be a perfect solution in the long run, plus Ben can mentor Charlie in the backup role, and let him learn. Will Big Ben be willing to ride the bench in Seattle this year? We'll see! Seattle is in at 50/50
7. Cleveland: Might be crazy idea, but with Donovan McNabb going to Washington from Philadephia and Jason Taylor going to the Jets from Miami, I don't see why we can't have one more crazy trade. Jake Delhomme can hold off for the first 4 to 6 games until Ben's suspension is over, then he can take the reigns as QB for the Cleveland Browns. Even though you're not suppose to trade w a divison rival, I'm sure the Rooneys' would love to wash their hands off from Big Ben, so Cleveland is in.
8. Oakland: They need help in QB bad since JaMarcus Russell have be pretty much a bust. Only problem is are they willing to cut JaMarcus to get Ben? If I know Al Davis(I don't, but I know how his mind work) I would say yes, drop the dead weight of that Russell kid, and get Ben. Only problem is that Oakland doesn't have a suitable backup for the first 4 to 6 games, so the Raiders are in at 25/75.
9. Buffalo: I can defintely see Ben in Buffalo; got a talented QB in Trent Edwards, although he needs a little more seasoning, but Trent can hold off for the first 4-6 games till Ben's suspension is over. Ben will step in as the Bills QB, and the people in Buffalo will go crazy. So Buffalo is in.
10. Jacksonville: David Garrard is a talented QB, and his backup is all that bad. Put it mildly the Jaguars don't need Ben, so the Jaguars are out.
Overall I would say that of the top 10 teams in this draft tonight, I believe that there's a 50% chance that he'll be traded, and Pittsurgh will be in the top 10 instead at #18.
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