Bengals Beat Cincinnati or Why Vikings Won’t Win the Superbowl

By MikeBullock  |   Monday, December 14, 2009  |  Comments( 2 )

Minnesota Vikings
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A brilliant old football coach once said “More football games are lost than won.” For those who don’t catch the play on words, what he meant was, one team will beat themselves with mental errors, miscues and penalties more often than a sound performance will trump another sound performance.

While the media at large is clamoring about the Vikings resounding win and Adrian Peterson’s dominating performance, it would appear those writers never actually watched the game. From the onset, Cincinnati’s worst enemy was the Bengals themselves.

The opening kickoffs in both halves ended in Bengal penalties which set the tone for the rest of the game. Not counting the four plus that were declined or offsetting, Cincinnati was charged with eleven infractions for eighty five yards, many of which were drive killers or Viking drive extenders. The officiating crew was certainly exercising their right to toss yellow hankies at will, but the Bengals seemed bound and determined to channel the old “Bungals” team for all to see.

While the Vikings did win, they simply earned it by capitalizing on the mental miscues of their opponents time and again.

So far this season, the only sound performance from a winning team the Vikings have gone up against came in Glendale, Arizona, where they lost to the Cardinals.

Another disconcerting tidbit is the combined record of those the Vikings have beaten: 55-86. A measurement of a truly great team is their opponents, and the combined record of those the Vikings have vanquished isn’t very inspiring.

What’s even more alarming is the fact Minnesota has yet to really put together a sound performance of their own this season. Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevel seems to have become the cliché ‘kid in a candy store’ dialing up pass plays for Favre as often as he can. It’s possible Bevel has tried to call in a skinny post to wide receiver Sidney Rice when the Vikings defense was on the field. Of the sixty nine plays called in yesterday, thirty seven were running plays, even though the Vikings played with a lead most of the game. While that’s far more balanced than it seems to have been in recent games, a team built around “the league’s best running back” when leading in the fourth quarter shouldn’t be going three and out without ever handing the ball off.
While the defense narrowly escaped giving up one hundred yards to a single rusher for the first time in thirty-five games, they pulled together a valiant performance. New starting middle linebacker, Jasper Brinkley gave a solid effort for a rookie and will certainly be a cause for Bengal running back Cedric Benson’s time in the ice bath today. Returning cornerback Antoine Winfield seemed rust free, minus an easy interception he dropped, and changed the landscape of the Viking secondary.

With Carolina, Chicago and the Giants coming up, and the Packers breathing down their necks, the Vikings need to pick up the pace and play like a Superbowl contender. Looking to capitalize on an opponent’s errors generally isn’t a solid game plan for the post season and if the Vikings want the long elusive Lombardi resting in Eden Prairie this off season, they’ll have to find a better way to win.

This team still shows great potential, but another old coach once said “Potential just means you haven’t done anything yet.” If the Vikings want to do something in February, they need to tap into that potential now.
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