Trade Heard Round the (Sports) World

By MikeBullock  |   Wednesday, October 06, 2010  |  Comments( 0 )

Minnesota Vikings
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It’s inevitable that the Randy Moss to Minnesota trade executed by the New England Patriots early Wednesday morning will bring with it comparisons to the prodigal son returning. When Moss was waiting to be drafted only Denny Green, former Viking head coach, and Raider owner Al Davis saw through the personality flaws and character defects to envision what a great player Moss would grow to be.

After several amazing seasons in Minnesota, those character issues rose to the top and the Vikings ownership could no longer tolerate the behavior of their young star, jettisoning him to the salivating Oakland Raiders, who had traded up to the 23rd pick to get Moss, only to have Minnesota snatch him away with 21st.

However, when Moss landed in Oaktown, he short-armed his way into the coaching doghouse, drawing fire from journalists, coaches and players alike. Most notable was a rumored encounter with Warren Sapp who was allegedly disgusted with Moss’s lack of effort on the field.

With everyone spouting eulogies over Moss’s career, saying his best years were behind him, Al Davis traded him to the New England Patriots for a fourth round pick. Suddenly, surrounded by more talent than he’d see since his early days in Minnesota, Moss flourished once again providing quarterback Tom Brady with the most dangerous deep threat he’d ever had. Moss quickly proved his detractors wrong and rose back to the elite status he’d enjoyed during his days in the Twin Cities.

Then, something strange happened in week one of this year. Once again the “Old Randy” reared its ugly head in a seemingly rare post game press conference rant where Moss expressed unhappiness with his contract status. Moss, scheduled for free agency at the end of this season, wanted some kind of assurance he would continue playing for the Patriots well into the future. When that didn’t emerge, rumors arose that Moss demanded a trade out of New England.

One of the first places the talking heads speculated Moss would land was his old team. It was no secret that Brett Favre wanted Moss in Green Bay, and the Packers failure to bring him in was part of what drove a wedge between Favre and his old team’s management.

Then the Vikings, preseason Superbowl favorites, quickly found themselves scrambling for help at wide-out. Anyone who can perform simple arithmetic could add two plus two and come up with the result that Moss was heading back to his professional roots sooner or later.

The first interesting facet of this trade comes by way of next Monday night’s game, where Moss will once again face all-pro corner Darrell Revis of the New York Jets. Revis called Moss a “slouch” in the off season. However, with the constant threat of Adrian Peterson in the backfield now, Revis might find Moss too much to handle once again.

Another interesting angle on this is whether the Vikings’ fan base will embrace Moss, or despise the Vikings for bringing him back. Moss didn’t leave many friends behind when he left the Twin Cities and his less than wholesome behavior while in Minnesota certainly didn’t do much to endear him to a population known for friendliness and good family values.

However, you can rest assured if Moss is indeed the final piece in the Vikings Superbowl puzzle that all of his past sins will be forgiven, as the Viking faithful put a ring on his finger, deep-fry the fattened calf on a stick at the state fair and celebrate the prodigal son’s return.
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