Hokies’ offense offensive this season

By Nate Crossman  |   Wednesday, November 15, 2006  |  Comments( 0 )

Virginia Tech Hokies
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The Virginia Tech Hokies' defense has been so dominant this season that it's easy to forget how impotent their offense has been.

The Hokies have the top-ranked defense in all of Division I, allowing an average of 228 yards per game. They have the second-best pass defense, and the third-best scoring defense. Yet they are ranked 94th out of 119 teams in total offense, averaging a fraction more than 300 yards per game. By comparison, ACC-leading Clemson is averaging 415 per game.

To make matters worse, the Hokies have one of the worst offenses in the ACC and Division I while having the conference's top rusher, junior Branden Ore. Ore is averaging 109 yards per game, accounting for roughly a third of the Hokies' offensive production.

The Hokies' ineptitude on offense, save for Ore, should alarm their fans for two reasons heading into this weekend's game against Wake Forest. Even if Ore is running at full steam, he'll be running against the 14th-best rushing defense in Division I and third-best in the ACC. Need tangible evidence? In their win over Boston College, the Demon Deacons held the Eagles to 28 yards rushing on 25 carries. And Ore hasn't been running at full steam, at least in terms of yardage. Since posting back-to-back 200-yard games against Southern Miss and Clemson, Ore rushed for 79 against Miami (the team only had 139 yards total) and 72 against Kent State. He did, of course, score a pair of big touchdowns against the Hurricanes, and the Hokies won both games.

The point is, however, that eventually the Hokies are going to have to figure out something else on offense besides Ore. That became obvious in their contest against Kent State, which was a two-possession game until late in the fourth quarter despite the defense pitching its third shutout of the season. There might be no better time to get on a roll than against the Demon Deacons, who want desperately to win this game to avoid a tie in the Atlantic Division with either Boston College or Maryland.

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