Noel Noel, You run the ball so well

By gaps2420  |   Thursday, August 13, 2009  |  Comments( 0 )

West Virginia Mountaineers
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With the rise and fall of the Big East the past few years (as well as leading into this one) as a Fan of West Virginia University football I have to wonder to myself two things: 1. Why is there no talk of Noel Devine, maybe the most explosive running back in football, get's no preseason talk? and 2. why isn't he getting 30 carries a game?

Coach Stew was well excepted when he was hired as the coach of West Virginia University after the travesty that was Coach Rich Rodriguez (he threw away his last game at WVU so he wouldn't play in the National Championship game and not have to coach it) but he wasn't the right man for the job, He was a players coach which is not always a good thing. However WVU was able to make it to a bowl game and allowed Hakeem Nicks to shoot up draft boards against them while still winning the game.

While watching this all go down last year, I ask myself, Where is blue chip recruit Noel Devine? Was i the only person in the country who saw how good he is when the ball is in his hands? Yet he rarely got the carries he needed to break those big runs. I am writing today to say no more Coach Stew. . . No more quarterback sneeks with jared brown, no more jock sanders, just Oh Noel.
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