Moving Forward with the Bills

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Buffalo Bills
The core players are the easiest factor to consider, because the ownership, front office and coaching mess is unthinkable. That is why this exercise is essentially futile. However... Core players, (my stance is coming from having watched a lot of games played by the top teams on Sunday Ticket): On offense: O-line: I know that the optimists with...
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CommentsComments: 105
12:21 PM
Doomed & B-rok---I am what I am a Bills fan---yeah I know they are lousy and watching them gives me acid reflux but being a fan for so long I know no other way. I did enjoy watching the Pats/Phins, Giants/Chargers and the Boys/Eagles games yesterday and watching those teams play makes me realize just how much a gap there is between them and the Bills.

Wood, Levitre and Hamburglar can be the core of the line with proper coaching & better tackles and at least show potential to get better. I don't know if there is a tackle on the team that could start any were else.

The O-line is a unit that has to play together to become cohesive and with all the injury problems and 3 new interior starters there is no way that they are going to be effective. Now they need to pick up at least 2 tackles with the ability to start before next season.What are the chances of that with Dwidle D and Dwidle Dumb running the show?
12:58 PM
Oh what a thrill! My Cowboys BEAT THE FRIGGIN' EAGLES IN PHILLY!!!! Wheeeeee!!!!! That game was brutal!! Poor B-rok... tryin' to talk me through it. I was a mad woman....' You don't understand!!! This is for the division lead!!! They're 0-1 in the division. They HAVE to win!!!!' When Austin scored the winning touchdown, I fell into B-rok's lap and wept.....I was soooooo drained. Ohhhhh...the agony. Whew....Next week my Boys head to Lambeau to face Green Bay.

'I feel good....I didn't know that I would now...I feel good... so good...I got a win!!!! '

Oh yeah...I read all that Philly love pourin' outta some of you guys.....not this time!!! Go Cowboys!!!!!!

And the Giants dropped another one...4 in a row...Yea!!!!! is good for this sweet little ole Cowgirl....6-2....6-2.....Wheeeee!!!!!!!!!
01:01 PM
C-girl---I'm not a Cowboy fan but check my picks from yesterday's post---you will be happily surprised.
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