The Buffalo Gamblers?

By Steve B.  |   Sunday, June 23, 2013  |  Comments( 875 )

Buffalo Bills
This offseason has been a different one for the Buffalo Bills. It first started back in January when Russ Brandon announced that Ralph Wilson was stepping down and handing control over the Bills to him. Brandon stated he would help lead Bills management in their Head Coaching search after Chan "Cooter" Gailey and his entire coaching staff was...
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CommentsComments: 875
08:10 AM
Hell, we're back--Thanks Hugo!!!

Steve thanks for the article. Nothing ventured nothing gain is the way I look at it. Marrone has NFL coaching experience and is an up and comer in the coaching ranks. Will he succeed who knows but I do know many new coaching hires fail and the Bills haven't had a successful HC since Wade Phillips left.

As far as taking EJ, the Bills were in a dam if you do and dam if you don't with the pick. The experts saying he could have lasted until round 2 and if the Bills waited an he was gone then what--pick a QB that wasn't as highly rated on the their board... They had Manuel zeroed in and went an got him plus picked up extra picks.

Welcome back everyone!!

Steve B.
08:46 AM
Thanks again Hugo & the rest of the RF365 crew. We appreciate this site more than ever after the Gestapo...cough...excuse me...moderators at Two Bills Drive transferred and deleted posts, and shut down our thread because I questioned why we were not allowed to talk about ceratin topics in an anything goes type thread.

I normally don't curse that much, but a big FUCK YOU goes out to the following: Beerball, Just Jack, Fig Newton, Jim in Anchorage and the rest of the TwoBitDrive Gestapo!!

No problem Goose! I hope the gamble pays off because we're long overdue. Whenever the Bills make the playoffs again, will the Bills fans storm the field like in 1988 and tear down the field goal posts?
09:00 AM
That was an incredible experience dealing with TBD, first it took over a week to be able to post anything and then I got suspended for w a week--still don't understand that one!!

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugoooooooooooooooooo--way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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