Elegy for the Lions

By Os Davis  |   Thursday, December 13, 2007  |  Comments( 7 )

Detroit Lions
Do you hear that? It's the sound of thousands of Detroit Lions awakening from a wonderful dream into the nightmare that is reality. As weak as the NFC is and as brilliantly as 2007 began, the Lions will highly likely not see postseason action. Sure, Detroit has yet to be mathematically eliminated, but with nearly all tiebreakers falling in favor...
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CommentsComments: 7
John Stanton
10:55 AM
Why does this site hate the Lions so much? We get 20 love letters a week to the winless Miami Dolphins and the rest of the bottom of the NFL but the only coverage the Lions get is hate from this guy! The Lions are far from perfect, but they are moving in the right direction after years of going nowhere. On paper they are not the best team in the league. On paper they shouldn't win at all but they at least go out there and try every week. They gave away that game to the cowboys, but they played the cowboys tougher than Green Bay did and honestly better than anyone else in the entire NFC did this year. And even if they only get to 8-8, its more than ANYONE expected from them and if they had played just a little better they were not that far from a whole lot more. Stop the hate.
Alex Guzman
02:20 PM
You wonder why the hate towards the Lions? ##
Sour Special-Teams Play of the Week: Taking a 20-7 lead over Dallas with 1:46 remaining in the first half, Detroit inexplicably launched a pooch kickoff that came down at the Cowboys' 22 and was returned to the 35. Pooch kickoffs are used to prevent long returns in the closing seconds of a half; there was plenty of time remaining, plus Dallas had all three timeouts! Dallas drove down the field and scored to make it 20-14 at intermission; Detroit went on to lose by one point.
02:32 PM
The Lions also brought in George Foster to help with the line, and on paper they look OK. You know Kitna had 596 attempts in 2006, and got sacked a ridiculous 63 times, equaling a sack for once out of every nine times he dropped back. Just as a comparison, Michael Vick was sacked 45 times on 388 pass attempts, that is a sack every 7.5 attempts, so a fleet foot qb actually got sacked with more frequency than Kitna, Kitna just threw more. Which leads me to this point, I think it is partly bad line play, but the Lions pass too much. It is keyed on and teams jump all over it. Jones, Bell and Duckett should get way more reps. It would relieve pressure on the defense, kill the clock and let the line play down field more. Just a little more running and the Cowboys wouldnt have had time to come back last week. Oh well, what do you want from Mike Martz? I also think some of the sack action can be blamed on Kitna, he often holds the ball too long when receivers are covered, just get rid of it, I see him panic sometimes. I like him, but he is really only a journeyman, and Detroit is thin at QB, need someone here. Kitna was high when he predicted ten wins. All you gotta do is look at the defense and the schedule, and you could see that wasnt gonna happen. Lions had it easy early, now they are getting roughed up by playoff caliber teams. 6-10, is 100% improvement over last year, so if they can improve 50% next year they should be over .500 and in the wild card hunt. But that will be a stretch as I see the Lions still in need of improvement at many positions. They are definitely blue collar, great d line, excellent receivers, after that, there is a serious talent void, I think that applies to the coaches as well and imho I think the record, even at 6 wins is better than the talent level of the team, so it shows they have heart. Go Lions!!
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