Who Shot JR?

By MikeBullock  |   Thursday, December 17, 2009  |  Comments( 7 )

Oakland Raiders
Raider head coach Tom Cable informed the Denver media yesterday that Charlie Frye would get the starting nod this weekend when the Oakland Raiders face their hated rivals, the Denver Broncos. While it’s not set in stone, the noise accompanying Cable’s announcement certainly sounded like the door slamming shut on Russell’s career in Oakland, and...
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CommentsComments: 7
Big Tex
12:44 PM
A few quick points; First regarding the restructure of Russell's contract. Once that contract is signed, no money can be lost. NFL contracts are a series of one year deals with additional bonus money. In order to reduce the cap figure next year, it would be necessary for the Raiders to pay Russell additional bonus money and possibly add years to his contract to push some of the money back. Even the remote chance of guaranteeing JR additional money is probably enough to give Al a stroke. Also, since JaWalrus is now a veteran, should he be on the roster for the first game next season, ALL of that season's contract becomes due and payable in weekly installments. In other words, the Raiders would owe him the full 9.5 over the next 17 weeks. Second; Chad Pennington was never considered to have much in the way of arm strength. While Pennington is a bright, gutty, give-you-everthing he's got type player, now having multiple issues with that shoulder is going to scare the hell out of alot of teams. Rag arms don't typically get better after a few surgeries. Third; Tavaris Jackson? He might just be a 6'2" JaMarcus without the outrageous armstrength but a little bit better work ethic. A mediocre 10-9 record as a starter with a very talented group around him. The list of possible QBs out there is kind of a mish-mash except for Jason Campbell. The Redskins did everything they could to get rid of Campbell last season and I'm not sure why. Jason has some intriging tools and just might benefit from a fresh start somewhere. He probably won't cost $9.5 million next year either.
05:34 PM
Anybody wishing JaMarcus Russell was starting on Sunday raise your left hand. Now raise your other left hand.

Let's not kid ourselves, JaMarcus Russell was that guy that won the lotto and quit his job. He shouldn't be allowed to take another snap unless he renegotiates his contract to minimum levels and loses 75 pounds.

No, I am not being too hard on him, as a matter of fact, JaMarcus collected his payday and thought the zero's on his financial statement made him a better player.

Unfortunately he didn't learn young enough that talent isn't skill. The difference is night and day. Talent gives you the ability to learn and possibility achieve at higher levels than those with less. Skill is an individual that has honed his talent and is ready to perform at a flawless level, anytime or anywhere.

So JaMarcus, here's wishing you the best. It's time for your second education: The School of Hard Knocks. It's not to late to turn it around, but you have to understand the odds are long against you, (100-1 against).

That being said, let's talk about Charlie Frye. I believe Charlie has what's called a PhD in football, (that's poor and hungry with desire). I heard Gil Brandt say that once. I don't remember if he coined it or if he was quoting somebody else, but it applies here.

His last three years in college, Charlie completed 65.8, 64.8 and 63.8 percent of his passes. In 2006 he started 13 games for Cleveland and completed 64.1 percent. Now remember during the pre-season Charlie demonstrated an ability to scramble.

Charlie has always had the talent, but now with a little experience under his belt, he appears to have developed that talent into a skill. Something he's ready to take with him and show off, anytime or anywhere.

This game should bode well for both Charlie and the Raiders. So if any of those Broncos fans have already chalked this weekends game up as a win. You better think again...
Big Tex
06:10 PM
BTW, for those hoping for the return of Jon Gruden, the Redskins' signing of Bruce Allen as GM makes that alot less likely.
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