On xenophobia, Young and Zidane

By Os Davis  |   Tuesday, December 26, 2006  |  Comments( 4 )

Tennessee Titans
Is anyone else utterly baffled to the point of distraction by ESPN's "Top 100 Sports Stories of 2006?" All right, we all know that such lists are mostly irrelevant, that huge corporate networks like ESPN have an agenda, that there is no such thing - despite what prime-time talking heads would have you believe - as journalistic integrity. Fair...
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11:37 AM
Where are you getting your info on Cincy moving to LA?

The only thing I can say is I moved to Maryland, and the Colts shipped out, I was in TX when the Oilers beat it, I lived in LA and both the Rams and Raiders moved on (or moved back) and now I am forty-five minutes from Cincy and you are talking move. I must be a jinx!

All I can say is anything could happen but by 2010? I dont think so!
Paul Brown Stadium is very new, the Bengals are now a sell-out, and the team is progressing and fans are buying the product.

Very unlike the situations I mentioned. Baltimore wanted a modern Stadium and didnt get one, funny now they have two (M & T and Camden Yards) Cleveland's Modell had a breakdown with the city over stadium issues and bolted, Houston's fan base had eroded and the Astrodome was a joke, you could walk up to the window at Anaheim Stadium on Sunday at Noon and get a seat in lower level on the 50 yd line, and no one cared about the Raiders, The SoCal fanbase were all soaking their avocado heads in the sun and trying to break into show business. Even after the move back to Oakland the Raiders were blacked on TV for many seasons due to non-sellouts. None of these ills plague the Bengals.

Los Angeles football is a loser proposition until someone can build a football only stadium and pump $100 million into marketing, they are gonna keep surfing and going to Disneyland.
09:08 PM
Have some hot chocolate, or as I say hot Cocoa, relax and try to get into a mellow mode. Who cares about the French, except the French or those in Coture? By the way, how many fenchmen does it take to win a war...nobody knows they have never won one.
As much as ZZ going by the Golden Trophy was as much of a tragedy as Humphrey Bogart and the french Capt. walking off in the mist, while some other guy gets the girl. My understanding is the bufono( that is clown in Italian) said something about ZZ'z Moma, depending on what he said, or how he said it he could have scored a goal with the regazzo's family jewels as far as I am concerned. I really don't care about it, and I would bet when Bob Costas went on and on about it, most viewers where saying, when is he going to say somthing about the fights. I do not ever see soccer replacing football on Sunday TV.
Now about Vince Young, are you that incensed to the VY story, dude he comes from the 5th or 3rd Ward in Houston, and the reality is there are certain sections of the Hood, Vince walked through as a child and you would never have the stones to walk through, any time of day or night. As far as the Rose Bowl Vitory goes, that was his second Rose Bowl Victory and the Longhorns, first Championship in decades, and VY won both with a come from behind Victory. As Bear Bryant said it is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog. You just missed that didn't you. Sure the TiTans an unbelievable 7-5 but two of the games they lost where by one Point, to the High Flying Colts at the time and the Ravens, Number 1 and Number 3 seed for the playoffs. Here is the deal The Rose Bowl was VY's Jaws if we are comparing him to Spielberg, he will win a Super Bowl before Matt Lienart. I iwll Give Reggie his props, El Presidente is a fenom...unbelievable, but So is Hometown boy Drew Brees. AS far as the SC-Hype versus the TX-hype, all year 2005 highlights where a minimum of SC 3 to TX 1, and sometimes the ratio was even greater.
Nearly the entire staff at ESPN, went on and on about how Texas had no chance, Mark Mays was a perfect example of zealous biaised journalim gone embarassing, every one but the old Coach, he new. Compare Vinces stats to Reggies or to Matts, and he out preformed them both for the year. That year the big twelve won the most bowls, so it was not a weak conference. What is weak is saying that the LongHorns led by VY do not merrit a higher ranking than some Candian originated game. Or is it a French Indian Canadian game. Vince young as a rookie has far exceeded any sports casters prediction, but will Merrill Hodge do a 180. Any way my point is Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns do deserve a high ranking, put dwon the Hater-ade and dring the Vince young Kool-Aid, it will be interesting to see what happens Sunday, me I am looking forward to 2008 when VY leads his team after having a little private training camp in Houston, TX where the heat is a mighty powerful training ade and stamina builder, the Titans will rule the 4th Quarter next year, and as far as comebacks are concerned VY is familiar, ask Matt "a Freakish athelete"

Enjoy that cocoa and hopefully like the Grinch your heart will grow 3 sizes big.

Happy new year.
Fire Coach Davis
02:23 AM
Why do you hate VINCE YOUNG, you must not like Black people, or you dont like black players who are way better then the heisman winner Leinhart, leinhart sucked this year in the NFL, VY is more of a threat then him. Its like the article on how the scrambling QB will make the NFL horrible, first of all there are very few of those QBs in the NFL so wat s wrong with them? nothing, so what they dont have the arm or the feild vision of Peyton Manning or the receiving core PM has but you have to admit that MV and Vince has carried the Falcons and/or the titans load of unwillingness to play on there back,(maybe not vince but volek did really suck) there practicly the only reason they have one there games, they stuck threw it they didnt give up. I didnt see Vince give up when the were down, i bet SC did cuz they thought they had the W but they were TOO COCKY (and there in PAC 10 worst teams in Ncaa practicly,) so they played loose D, they gave up. Im saying thats how they lost, but i bet thats 1 of the reasons they did. ya i might hav a few things wrong but, Young and Vick are kid of alike, but who knows, sum people dont like great QBs who lead teams to victories on ther legs...and arm
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