Jackson can’t cure offensive woes in first start

By Krupka  |   Thursday, December 21, 2006  |  Comments( 14 )

Minnesota Vikings
Maybe it wasn't Brad Johnson's fault after all. For all the heat the veteran has taken in recent weeks over the offense's ineptitude, perhaps the real blame for the Minnesota Vikings should fall on the shoulders of head coach and offensive play-caller Brad Childress. The fans got what they wanted. Johnson was benched and rookie Tarvaris...
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CommentsComments: 14
08:05 AM
being a vikings fan for 30plus years and living in packer country this team is hard to watch we have some of the most over rated players and a offense thatcould not score on a pop warner team its pretty bad when im watching the game and my 8 year old says dad why cant we cheer for a good team?????
11:21 AM
I couldn't agree with Eric's assessment more. The offense squandered but yet another stellar effort from the defense. The offense was dead! Tarvaris Jackson gives the Vikes the best chance to win right now, but Brad Johnson was not the reason the offense has stunk virtually all year. The offensive line can't pass block to save their lives. Chester Taylor has no vision as a runner and simply hits the pile for 3 yards and goes down. Why in the world is Troy Williamson still on the active roster, how many drops must a coach see to realize the man can't catch a football? Why on earth has Marcus Robinson been deactivated, when he and Travis Taylor have proven to be reasonably reliable receivers? The play calling is the most unimaginative I have ever seen at the pro level. The drive stunting penalties continue to flood in at a league leading rate, and Brad Childress just seems to be way over his head trying to head coach an NFL football team. What a frustrating season, I'm just glad it's almost over.
01:42 PM
It's time to realize the hiring of Childress was a big, big mistake. Vikings are bad on offense, terrible defending the pass,bad on special teams, have no pass rush, and worst in the league in penalties. It can't all be a lack of talent, so that leaves just plain bad coaching. No wonder nobody runs against the defense, they don't have to when the can get 10 yards or more with almost every pass. It's time for Viking management to wake up and get rid of Childress. They will probably wait though and suffer the same fate in 2007, and 2008, but by 20009 Childress will be out of a job. Might as well own up to the fact that he is not NFL head coach caliber now, otherwise it will just be another two years of bad offense, bad defense, bad special teams, and too many penalties. Childress makes Tice look like a genius!! Vikings fans didn't know how well they had it with Tice
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