Pass defense still a concern for Minnesota

By Krupka  |   Sunday, September 16, 2007  |  Comments( 10 )

Minnesota Vikings
The word is out. To beat the Minnesota Vikings, you have to throw the football. Every down. It shouldn't be a shock to anyone. The New England Patriots showed everyone last year how vulnerable the Minnesota defense is against a wide-open passing attack, and it appears the Vikings will have similar trouble defending the pass in 2007. On...
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CommentsComments: 10
11:13 AM
I agree, it certainly appears that everyone's game plan to beat the Vikes is going to obviously be pass, pass and pass some more. The only fortunate thing about the pass defense is, there is certainly much more pressure on opposing quarterbacks this year, and a willingness to bring blitzes. However, until the coverage improves behind the rush, the defense will continue to get picked apart by every opponent it faces, from Harrington to Favre to even Grossman if not careful.
The d-backs, while athletic and hard hitting, have got to stop letting receivers get wide open in the secondary. While an improved pass rush definitely helps - and for that reason alone the Vikings won't be tied for dead last against the pass again this year - the secondary still must do a better job in coverage.
12:46 PM
WRONG WRONG WRONG. The WC defensive system the Vikes use is designed to be fluid. Other teams can put up all kinds of passing yards but they get stopped in the red zone when the field shortens.

The Lions had 400+ yards of offense which translated into two TDs. Thats a lot of yards for not many points. Thats the game plan working.

The game yesterday was lost on offense. The West Coast system demands mistake-free play. Jackson threw four interceptions and the Vikings didn't run nearly enough. If Jackson had thrown low-risk passes and they had run up the middle more, they would have controlled the clock and the Lions would have lost. Its like they forgot who they were yesterday and tried to go head to head in long passes with the Lions.

You should also mention the near 100 yards of penalties the Vikings got.
NY Viking
01:17 PM
Everything was bad in this game for the Vikings. 12(?) penalites for over 100 yards, 4 INT's, acres of passing yardage given up, and bad, bad, bad quarterbacking. Why is Brooks Bobbling-ger even IN the NFL? Does someone owe him a favor? Surprisingly, they only lost in OT by 3. And I'm surprised that many people think that "well, even thought the secondary gave up alot of yards, it didn't really hurt". Are you kidding me? D-backs chasing down WR's and having to make tackle after tackle doesn't tire them out? D-backs having to chase wide-open WR's just to MAYBE get a hand on the ball and knock it away doesn't tire them out? C'mon, if Kitna didn't get knocked out for half the game, he would have dropped another 150 yards of aerial assaults on the Vikes. How a defense can be so great up front, and so horrible in the secondary, year-in and year-out, is mind-boggling. I've never heard of the "WC defense", but it plain and simple isn't working. Why would you allow teams to dink-and-dunk all the way down the field in the hopes that you can stop them in the red-zone? That's like giving a pit-bull scraps of meat in the hopes he won't bite your butt when you try to pet him. Attack, knock those WR's on their behinds, cover them like a blanket. No more of this "we'll let them catch the underneath stuff all day, as long as we stop them in the end-zone". When their IN the end-zone, its too late to stop them !!
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