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About Me: My first newspaper article of many appeared in print in the 1960's, but my fascination with journalism never got too serious until roughly twenty years later. In the 80's, I became a certified teacher of English Language Arts, got degrees from the University of Houston, and began teaching writing at nearby community colleges. A few years later, I became a certified journalism teacher with publications to edit and help produce. I guess it was then clear to lots of folks that I had a Guy Love thing going with writing. Football is another story. I think I liked watching it in the 60's, but only 'cause being a football fan put me in lots of great social situations. But after finding myself with lots of free time in the 80's as an older college student, I found myself drawn more and more into the intricacies and excitement of football games, collegiate and pro. When I got a PC of my own in the old Apple II days, I soon discovered fantasy football. I'm proud to say that for two non-consecutve weeks, I was twice the National Champ in the old website. Last year, I won a league's championship. I am not now under contract as a full-time instructor and doubt I'll ever seek such work again. For me, football is an obsession at times these days. I'm not sure what's in store for me around the corner. But until an irresistible opportunity sends me sailing into this or that, writing a weekly column at on one of my longtime favorite football teams is fine with me.
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