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About Me: Bart has been with for about six months and thoroughly enjoys writing for the site. He has been featured for his writings on college football in The Sporting News, The Indianapolis Star, Sports Illustrated, and on CBS When he's not drowning himself in the excruciating minutia of strength of schedule ratings, BCS numbers, and the odds of Michigan finally beating Ohio State, he spends his time with his fiancee and unfortunately, her horrendous cats. He played college basketball at three schools, most notably as a starting guard for the Indiana University East Red Wolves (they were Pioneers way back then) and spent most of his time as a collegiate athlete keeping the end of the bench warm. Despite not being particularly decent looking, he has appeared in modeling/television ads for Safe Auto, HH Gregg, America One Health Insurance, Chili's Restaurant, Indiana University, and a few others. In addition, he writes and helps administor, a site devoted to the passionate college football fan base. He welcomes any and all input you might have on his feelings regarding anything college football, positive or otherwise.
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