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About Me: As a native of upstate New York and a life-long fan of the Buffalo Bills, I have witnessed some of the greatest highs and greatest lows an NFL team can endure. But despite a gut-wrenching 4 consecutive Super Bowl defeats, I never lost faith in the Bills and was fortunate to cover them for 3 years as a television sports anchor and reporter. In 2004, I moved to the nation's capital, where my brother Vince has lived for over 30 years. He is a die-hard Washington fan and in lieu of that fact, I decided to become a Redskins' columnist with I have contributed articles to the website since January of 2006 (when Realfootball was still relatively new) and I am proud of the changes that have taken place. With the website's recent face-lift, readers now have a unique opportunity to gain information about their favorite teams from a format that is fan-friendly and fan-interactive. The future is bright for Realfootball365... I just hope the same can be said about the Bills and Redskins!
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